COLLABORATIONS is a pilot online communities directory that displays information about different groups in Dublin.

It was built as we had difficulty trying to find out what types of community groups existed in Dublin.  After listening to feedback from over 40 community groups in 2015, with support from Code for Ireland and EU-TURAS, we’ve created an online directory where community groups can be seen and connect with each other easily.There are so many groups engaged in fascinating activities and many things that Dublin City Council and other organisations do that communities know nothing about. So we’ve created 4 other categories that should be helpful to you – Dublin City Council, EU Projects and Institutions, Social Entrepreneurs, and Communities of Practice – that communities told us they would like to know more about.

If your community would like to be on the directory please click on Add Group, fill in the information, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.


Peter FitzGerald

Kamil Kus

Sam Lyons

Giulia Trombino

Tatiane Lima

David Alemany

Thomas Boroviecki

Réka Pétercsák

Ruth Redmond

Carmel McCartney

Groups that responded on Community Forum

Code for Ireland

Myles Farrell

Dick Gleeson

Karen Foley

Johanna Varghese

Our story



Ever wondered what kind of groups and communities live, work and play in Dublin?


 COLLABORATIONS is a website that shows you a great variety of groups and communities in Dublin, at a glance.

There are so many dynamic groups that support communities and community ideas.

Did you know there are over 50 community gardens in this city? And 600 registered community groups.

You might find there is a group already doing what you were thinking of, so you can just join in and build on what’s there.

We found a few services from Dublin City Council that may support your group.

Have you heard of e-planning, Fix my Street, Your Dublin-Your Voice, Pivot Dublin or  the PPN?

Social entrepreneurs are like business entrepreneurs, only they put their business energies into making society better through direct action and new ways.

Communities of Practice are groups interested in improving practical knowledge on a subject which could be anything from knitting to coding. For example, Code for Ireland brings together people who want to make society better through technological solutions.

And there are EU projects and institutions that you can link to such as TURAS.

Find out about the dynamic diversity of groups and communities.



We'd love to get your feedback on this site – would that be OK?