Communities interested in the benefits of collaboration are invited to attend…

Dublin City Council and the EU TURAS project are presenting a conference and workshop titled ‘COLLABORATING COMMUNITIES’. on September 6th 2016

TURAS  European partners will present their projects and share their experience of what worked, what difficulties they faced and how similar efforts may be more effective in future.  Projects to be presented include:

  • Communities learning to build a Circular Economy in Brussels 
  • Community involvement with Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity in London
  • Community involvement in Energy Planning  in Nottingham
  • Flood Management and community involvement in Rotterdam 

In addition, three prototype tools from Dublin will be showcased: 

  1. Reusing Dublin a crowd-sourced web-mapping application used to both discover and share information about vacant or underused spaces in Dublin. 
  2. Collaborations ,  a pilot communities directory, drawing on previous community work, to help  strengthen connectivity  & information sharing between communities; and 
  3. ComPass A guide for community groups to follow if they would like to develop a community-based project. This could help such groups ‘navigate the system’ by drawing from organized sources of contributed and witnessed local knowledge. (in alpha stage).

In the afternoon, there will also be a Participatory Workshop facilated by OSMOS, a TURAS spin off, where participants can share separate strands of experiances together to explore solving planning problems in a collaborative way.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Róisín Byrne.

Growing Dublin Communities

We’d like to introduce you to COLLABORATIONS, a pilot online communities directory.

You can search and connect directly with other community groupsDid you know there are over 60 community gardens in Dublin? Have you heard of Art Squad, Fighting Words or Social Entrepreneurs Ireland?

There’s a whole range of groups dedicated to fostering and celebrating our diversity.

Connected we’re a living city.

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